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Risk Management

  Are Your Money & Future Protected?

If you draw a line down the middle of a page of paper, you can simply sum up the two major categories of places to put your money.  On the left side you can list investments; these are any instruments into which you put money that have risk associated with them.  For example, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs and variable annuities to name a few.  The risk could be classified as conservative, moderate or aggressive.  But whichever, all investments have the potential to lose money, even all of your money.

On the right side of the page you can list instruments that could be called safe money.  These come from banks and insurance companies and include checking accounts, savings accounts, and CDs for banks, and fixed annuities, deferred income annuities and fixed life insurance policies as examples for insurance companies.  These are places where your money is protected from market loss.

We believe that at various stages of life people should have portfolios that have various allocations of protected or risk-managed funds.  Risk can mean greater growth potential but it can also mean possible loss.  With the considerable recent market volatility, having protected money such as fixed annuities for funds needed later in the life, and life insurance to protect assets, income, business and family can be critical to a successful financial plan. Life insurance can even provide tax-preferred income for retirement and cash for a college education or other needs. 

To quote Mark Twain: "It's not return on my money I'm interested in, it's return of my money."  That is risk management in a nutshell from a wise man, and it is something we can help you with to show you how it can fit into your life plan.